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Sleep Spray for Pets?

Popular interest is increasing over products like sleep spray, and where to buy sprayable sleep in the market. It is being asked about, as it may be a better approach to purchase sprayable sleep than to take melatonin pills:
Is Fido or Tigger driving you bonkers come bed time? This Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Relaxing Pet Spray can help them fall into a peaceful slumber come bedtime, and save your sanity in the process!

This spray is super easy to make. All you need is lavender essential oil, water, and a spray bottle! And, if you want to use it as a pet-odor eliminator, simply add a little bit of rubbing alcohol to the mix. Note: If you have a cat, take care to be cautious as to which oils you are using. Cats are averse to citrus and high-phenol essential oils. High-phenol oils include those like Wintergreen, Clove, and Tea Tree.

Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Relaxing Pet Spray


1 cup distilled water (filtered water works, too)

Lavender Essential Oil

2 teaspoons rubbing alcohol …
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